When you want to dive into the intriguing and extreme world of freeride mountain biking, “Reach For The Sky” is the documentary for you. Take an intimate look into the life of the top freerider in the world, Cam Zink. When you want to take what you’ve seen in this documentary and try it for yourself, don’t worry; there are many trails out there that will give you that adrenaline rush! Here are a few of the most challenging mountain bike trails in the world. Just remember, if you are not skilled in freeriding, save these trails for after you have advanced your skills… these are not for beginners!

The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

This trekking trail takes you around the tenth highest mountain the world. It has become increasingly more popular among mountain bikers as word of its difficult single technical tracks and harrowing dirt trails become better known. This trail offers a unique challenge to any advanced rider.

Yungus Road in Bolivia

Yungus Road in Bolivia has a reputation for being incredibly perilous, and there is a reason why: around 250 motorists died each year when traveling on Yungus Road, or “The Death Road,” as it is known. It is now more popular among bikers than motorists. Extreme mountain bikers travel to Yungus Road from all over the world to speed down the 40 mile trail and take in the gorgeous rainforest and mountain views… when they aren’t narrowly avoiding plummeting off a cliff.

Alp d’Huez in France

This ski resort in the French alps is also home to more than 80 miles of bike trails. These bike lines require advanced skills because of the snowy conditions, rocky terrain, and insane heights. This mountain biking adventure offers you spectacular views which you will never forget, granted you survive! Alp d’Huez also hosts Megavalance, which is the world’s longest downhill bike race.

Gas Plant in Taiwan

This is a much shorter trail than the rest on the list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly challenging. This trail goes through rocky terrain, thick vegetation, and insane climbs and descents. This part of Taiwan has become more popular with mountain bikers since the creation of this trail.

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

These cliffs are strictly for advanced riders. This is because it is the most perilous place to mountain bike in the world. At certain points, the path narrows to mere inches, which is particularly dangerous over a 600m drop! If you were to fall of these insane cliffs (or be blown off by the strong wind), you can expect to end up either in the Atlantic Ocean or jagged rocks! For the less thrill-seeking inclined, there are challenging but less extreme trails nearby.

Portal Trail in Moab, UT

Moab, Utah is a biker’s paradise, with dozens of trails and bike stores around town. Many trails offer unique challenges to riders, but we picked the Portal Trail due to its notoriety. This extreme trail offers gorgeous views of the Colorado River from a deadly distance. There are even a couple of points at which signs will warn you to get off your bike. Believe us: this is excellent advice! Proceed with caution on this perilous trail.